Frank's Twitter Feed

Yes, I've finally given up all personal pride in myself and joined Twitter. Now I'm as lame as everyone else. Follow me... if you dare. However, before you do, please be very aware that this is my personal feed and I will discuss anything and everything at any time and it will frequently be NSFW (Not Safe For Work). The views expressed here in no way, shape or form represent those of my employer. Note: this will open in a new window or browser tab.


Frank's Facebook Page

Like virtually everyone else on the planet, I have a Facebook page... unlike everyone else though, or so it seems at least, I don't constantly hang out there! Note that my Twitter feed replicates to Facebook so the same warning above applies here as well.

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Frank's LinkedIn Page

Yes, I'm on LinkedIn too!

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Frank's Children

This is obviously meant for family and friend, but I'm a proud parent (on most days at least), so I won't hide the web site dedicated to my kids Andrew and Ashley.


Frank's Musical "Career"

Yes, in addition to being a computer nerd, writer, husband, parent and all-around incredibly awesome person (continue reading once you stop laughing at me) I was a musician for a number of years. I was in a number of bands, chief among them was Cydonia. Although I haven't been in a band for some time and only play a little when the mood strikes me, it's a period in my life I'm proud of so I figured I'd share.


Frank's DVD Collection

I'm a bit of a movie nut and I've amassed quite a collection of DVDs over the years. Check it out if you really want to. If nothing else it's a decent insight into the types of movies I like if you ever happen to pick me as a secret Santa recipient!


Frank's Vintage Video Game Collection

I'm an avid collector of vintage video games. And, when I say "vintage" I don't mean NES and Sega Genesis... those are NOT vintage! I mean REAL vintage systems like Colecovision, Odyssey2, Atari 2600, Vectrex and Intellivision. I've got real, physical systems and I'm working on completing collections of all of them. I've got a ways to go, as you can see from this list, but I've got quite a good amount even now (note that this includes not only what I have but what I need, for my own reference).