My first novel now available: The Darkness Beyond the Light

When light gives way to darkness,
only terror remains!

An unfathomably advanced alien technology slowly gains sentience over thousands of years roaming the galaxy on a secret, ancient and malevolent mission.

The first test of a new military “hyperstealth” system, based on technology and physics theories far beyond anything previously dreamed of, irrevocably changes the course of humanity’s future, opening doors that would better remain closed.

And at the intersection of these events is husband and wife team Alex and Melissa Wakeman, the very definition of a “power couple”: Alex a veteran special military operator turned Air Force test pilot who likes to keep things light with humor but who is highly capable in any situation; Melissa a world-class scientific mind, perhaps the smartest person on Earth in fact, specializing in advanced military aircraft design.

They, along with their superior and friend Brendan Alcheck, wage an apocalyptic battle against a horrific alien hybrid, born of death and decidedly deadlier than any creature on Earth.  Together, they must race against time to stop the creature from completing its mission: the return of the hyperstealth technology to its masters, a highly advanced malevolent race who, unbeknownst to the human race, sow death and destruction throughout the galaxy.  Unimaginable sacrifices are made and a final, impossible battle fought on multiple fronts will determine the fate of the human race, and that of thousands of as yet unknown species.

The Darkness Beyond the Light, book I of the Infinite Universe Saga, is a tense, action-packed sci-fi thriller, an adventure you will not want to miss!

The Darkness Beyond the Light is available for FREE!  No catch, no strings attached, just a totally gratis reading experience! 

You can get it by visiting its home page here:


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Or, if you’d like to actually purchase it (I do have a mortgage and kids to feed after all!), you can find it on Amazon here (can also get a paperback copy there):

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