Four Short Stories In May #2: The Letter


Since we’re all bored at home while COVID-19 decides whether it’s going to (more or less) leave us to ruin our planet for a few more years, or just decimate humanity right here and now, I figured why not spit out a few short stories for people to ignore? My goal is to release one every Friday in May (and I’m coming in just under the wire with this first one today!)

This is one entitled The Letter. It’s a story about great and terrible deeds, the hope and despair of one man who may or may not have become a god, the future of humanity – and what will follow it when it’s gone.

Grab it here:

This archive includes a PDF, RTF, EPUB and MOBI file, so you should be able to use it on all desktops, tablets, phones or eReaders in one way or another.


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